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Practical sports nutrition indicates the nutritional requirements of different sports that have similar physiological and environmental characteristics. Each chapter has the following schedule:
1. Extended review of physiological, nutritional, and cultural characteristics of sport, with particular conclusions about specific investigations that were conducted in a particular sport.
2. Discussion of the special survey in a particular sport, including a review of existing research in a given sport.
3. Discussion of practical issues with providing nutrition information and strategies that could be useful in a particular sport. For all chapters are provided the most important references that represent good practice of the best athletes and teams in the world.
Practical sports nutrition provides a necessary step in the research and education. This unique book transforms generic and theoretical information in advice and sports practice. The book will help sports nutrition from classrooms exceed the sports fields and eventually lead to victory.


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Textbook ’’Sports Medicine’’ is the result of many years of activity of Prof. Dr. Slobodan Zivanic in the field of sports medicine and lectures on Sports High school for professional studies. A number of chapters were added by Nenad Dikic with the idea to modernize and help this be a good textbook to the future coaches and physiotherapists.


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’’White Book’’ aims to analyze problems related to medicine and doping in our sport and is a summary of the 3rd congress of sports medicine and sports science. A key part of the book is a project ’’Team doctor - a missing link’’ which analyzed the situation in 36 representative sports associations in Serbia.

Apart from the position of medicine and doping in our sport associations in the ’’White Book’’ were presented three topics: corticosteroids in sports, supplementation and injury in sport. Because of all this white book secondary goal is to educate physicians, primarily team doctors regarding these issues, and placing them at the center as those who can solve the problem.


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"European recommendations for participation in recreational and competitive sport (2007)"

From the preface of Professor Dr. Miodrag C. Ostojic:

Consensus among the experts of the Section of Sports Cardiology of European Society of Cardiology was presented in the special edition of Sports Medicine journal in cooperation with the Association of Cardiologists of Serbia, the Sports Medicine Association of Serbia and support of Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia and the newly founded Association for Sports Cardiology of Serbia. Satisfaction is higher because the edition of ‘’European recommendations for participation in recreational and competitive sport’’ present a natural continuation of activities after the publication of the books ‘’Sudden cardiac death in sport’’ and ‘’Sports Medicine Examination - methodology and recommendations’’.


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Aerobic capacity and its evaluation by using Astrand exercise test performed on bike ergometer has various purposes. Among residents and specialists of sport medicine who couldn’t work in field of sport medicine without use of Astrand test this book is also aimed for student of medicine faculty and physicians of various specialties who intend to practice use of physical activity in prevention of diseases.


This book could be recommendation for use as a manual among students and educators of physical culture, coaches, experts in the field of recreational activities, psychologists and for all who are engaged in promoting and setting forward general and specific physical activity.


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Basic facts of monitoring heart rate in sport and recreative activities is a book about not so exploited and well known field in Serbia. Heart rate monitors are so little present in Serbia, so in this issue we are practically starting fresh. It is well known fact that in developed countries children use it in elementary school in order to be trained in their calculated and target rang of heart rate and that physicians use prescriptions of heart rate rang in daily practice. From that point of view it isn’t enough that only few enthusiasts use heart rate monitors in Serbia and almost always in competitive sport.


This book similar to medical text books has a general and special part because authors thought that heart rate monitoring is not so often represented topic from medical and sport point of view. Through this book chapters authors tried to explain fenomenons connected to heart rate and then to show its use in specific sports, medicine area and in different fields of life.


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Body fats and health is simple and useful book about importance of determination of body fat. It is known that detection of body composition is useful in assessment ideal body weight and among athletes as indices of successful performance in managing of dietetic programs, trainers’ regimes and evaluation of its efficiency. It is also important to follow up body composition (fat mass and percentage) during growing period, maturation and aging in order to determine pathological from healthy subjects. Indicators like body weight, body mass index and waist/hip ratio don’t manage to specify body components like fat, muscles and bones and they are also less important as predictors of health risks and diseases then free fat mass in body composition.


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Abstract book from First Serbian congress of sport science and sport medicine in 2002. is irreplaceable reading for everyone who is involved in those areas. Review of this abstracts is important also because after many decades this congress has shown actual statement of sport medicine and sport science in general.


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Team physician manual is valuable and most reliable expert reading which has been translated and authorized in Serbian public before team physician from European Union even had opportunity to meet with its content.


This project has been result of strategic orientation of Sport medicine association of Serbia, reliable guidelines for everyone who use medical knowledge and expert rang in course of affirmation of the sport and healthy life style. In this book due to contemporary standards is clearly defined team physician role in sport community altogether with systematic descriptions of most frequent problems regarding health care of athletes and also managing those problems up to highest standards.


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Sport medical exam. methodology and recommendations. In this book we tried to emphasize all important issues, starting from anamnesis and evaluation of functional capacity. First part is about getting anamnesis data and physical exam based on FIMS team physician manual and all in collision with respected statements of the most important international associations who are engaged in sport medicine.

Second part of the book is dedicated to recommendations for assessment of athlete’s competitive ability. When it comes to cardiological aspects of athletes capability we used guidelines of American college of sport science (ACSM) and American heart association which are concluded on Bethesda meeting in 1994. Those statements are recognized as a most reliable and generally accepted. For other clinical conditions and diseases FIMS recommendations has been used as well as recommendations of American pediatric academy, American college of sport science, Australian association for sport medicine etc.


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Idea of ”Sudden cardiac death in sport” book is to prevent sudden death in sport and that entire tragic event brings along. On the other hand idea of this book was not to keep away from sport those who like to participate. Actually is the way to prevent successful athletes in the past, now doctors to become team physicians for the reason that everyone knows him or surgeon who was on case, operating president of the club to become chief of medical commission.

We believe that this country needs standards and regulations, but among all our country deserves law which will protect athletes in their regular activities daring between health and disease. We know also that with this book all problems won’t be solved, but we are pretty sure that lot of questions will be recognized and discussed as well and there will be solution to most important problems. I believe that once recognized interest of young experts in field of sport science and medicine will urgently change attitude of society toward style of life and have influenced as it is in other countries to be very base and foundation for restoration of community in general.


Price: 500 dinars


All books can be bought in Vita Maxima clinic which is at the same time office of Sports medicine association of Serbia, situated on address: Lazarevacki drum 14, 11000 Belgrade, commercial space of Basket Land (besides governing building of FMP club).

All informations you could receive on telephone number 011 / 3058 376 or at e-mail:

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