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4. march 2016





How to report when one discovers that an athlete was doped, who conducts doping control and how, why some media write about the illegal use of performance-enhancing drugs in sensationalist manner without checking the facts? Do ADAS (Anti-Doping agency of Serbia) and WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) timely inform and properly educate the "fourth estate", how hard do sport reporters try to find something out and explore? This, and many other questions could be heard at a seminar organized in Belgrade by ADAS and USNS (Association of Sports Journalists of Serbia).





After the opening speech by dr. Milica Vukašinović-Vesic, Director of Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia, Dr. Nenad Dikic, Chairman of the doping control, has pointed out some examples of "spin" and misinformation in one part of Serbian media in detecting doped athletes. Offensive titles and lyrics, false fact, unnecessary inclusion of athlete's family in the entire case have contributed to the creation of public opinion in a direction that leads tabloidisation of society.





Sandra Radenović, assistant professor at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, stressed the need to respect ethics and "louder" pointing out violations of the journalistic code. Representatives of the media, and there were more than 20, noted that the texts of the "yellow press" completely shed serious journalistic analysis and media that respect ethical and professional rules. Ruthless market race and the fight for readers and viewers, all under the guise of freedom of speech, greatly promote kitsch, primitivism and often lie.





Pointing out violations of ethical rules and announcements of the Association of Sports Journalists of Serbia are obviously not enough. A comprehensive action is needed which would include prominent journalists, but also other organizations such as ADAS. Seminars for members of the "fourth estate", education of students, but also a faster reaction of the Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia to published false information, will improve the picture only partially.



Tabloidisation of society can not be stopped unless academics, scientists, sociologists, psychologists, and above all politicians ie. country raise their voice. "Big Brother", reality shows and primitive settling with individuals in the media without any evidence, were created because somebody "deliberately" turned the head of this phenomenon and the judicial authorities did not react to the phenomenon or were too slow and gentle with those who violated ethical and professional standards.



Predrag Milinkovic



photo: Nenad Negovanovic





13. october 2015


ADAS and SMAS about the importance of physiotherapist in the medical team, recovery and rehabilitation





The 7th Congress of physiotherapist called "Movement for a Smile" was held last weekend in Nis. Doc. Dr Nenad Dikić and Dr. Marija Andjelkovic in front of ADAS held a lecture about the role of physical therapists in patients' and athletes medical team. Physiotherapy is an integral part in their treatment, recovery and rehabilitation. ADAS recognize partners and professional associates in physiotherapists who used the Congress as a space to display all the latest developments in their work. Monitoring heart rate, fitness as part of physiotherapy, nutrition and supplementation for patients during physiotherapy-were the topics of lectures which held Dr. Dikić and Dr. Andjelkovic. Physiotherapist association was grateful for the provided support, as well as remembering how their role is important and decisive in treating patients but also athletes.







9. july 2015


Aid for injured in catastrophic earthquake in Nepal



After two months of a campaign started by Mountaineering Association of Serbia, and joined by Sports Medicine Association of Serbia, amount of 3000 Euros was raised and paid to the Patan Hospital's account in Kathmandu which took the largest part in assisting the injured after the catastrophic earthquake. Although this help is symbolic, it means a lot - to Nepalese people showing them that they are not forgotten, and to us that we remember these wonderful people and those times we spent at highest mountains in the world.




22nd december 2014


ADAS and SMAS present at seminar for water polo coaches of Montenegro



Water Polo and Swimming Federation of Montenegro organized seminar for water polo coaches at 20-21th December 2014. Lecturers at this training were experts in the field of methods and techniques in water polo, but there was a desire for education in the field of sports medicine and doping why Dr. Nenad Dikić and Dr. Marija Andjelkovic were invited as guests. Nutrition and supplementation in water polo, medical examination of athletes and review of the changes in the new Anti-Doping Code - were the topics which representative of ADAS and SMAS spoke about at the seminar. This is the beginning of cooperation that will continue in the future.



8th january 2015


Assessment of healthcare and preventive approach to members of the special anti-terrorist unit (SAJ)



image1Last year have been successful for cooperation of Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia and Sports Medicine Association of Serbia, but probably the biggest honor came at the end, when Dr. Marija Andjelkovic and Dr. Nenad Dikić have received plaque for the successful implementation of the project “Assessment of healthcare and preventive approach to members of the special anti-terrorist unit (SAJ)”. The reason for satisfaction lies primarily in the teamwork and multispecialty approach under the direction of Prof. Dr. Zdeslav Milinkovic. We thank to all the colleagues from Faculty of Pharmacy, Centers for sports nutrition and supplementation and Medical Faculty.




19. june 2014

ADAS is an active participant in the fight against drug smuggling


Dr. Nenad Dikic is invited lecturer at the conference organized by the Council of Europe on drug-smuggling "Medicrime convection: A key tool against Organised Crime. Dr. Dikic as a representative of Serbia presented data on the use and abuse of steroids among athletes, citing the results of a large study (conducted in collaboration of ADAS and SMAS) where professional Serbian athletes talked about side effects noted on them during the use of illicit drugs like steroids. This conference united representatives of all regional countries to debate the topic of smuggling and counterfeiting of medicines. "Medication-No Falsification" is the main message of this meeting.



29th may 2014


Dr. Nenad Dikic participated as a speaker at X World Congress of mountain medicine and emergency mountain medicine



Bolzano is throughout this week, host of X World Congress of mountain medicine and emergency mountain medicine (X World Congress High Altitude Medicine and Physiology & Mountain Emergency Medicine). The program of the congress is filled with a variety of topics and experiences designed for both doctors and hikers wishing to climb to high altitude easier and also reduce the risk of diseases and syndromes such as AMS ( Acute Mountain Sickness ) , HAPE ( high altitude pulmonary edema ) and HACE ( high altitude cerebral edema ).



Topics covered different groups of hikers and various pathological conditions which may occur or worsen during the climb to high altitude. One of the current issues that are still open active discussion is the use of drugs and different methods and it is covered in the session titled "Pros - Cons- Medications at high altitude -moving it from right and wrong to disclosure ."



Dr. Nenad Dikic as Chairman of the Doping Control Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia and member of the Medical Commission of UIAA ( International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation) asked to be invited lecturer and one of the panelists in the discussion on the use of drugs in climbing from the viewpoint of doping. Among the speakers were the most experience mountain medicine experts such as the DR. Buddha Basnyat, president of the ISMM.



The boundary between performance enhancing and prevention of complications of altitude sickness, in the opinion of the panel members, is quite difficult to determine but the role of doctor is to provide sufficient information for climbers at high altitude and warns them of the possible complications. Giving the climbers drugs that are prohibited in elite athletes is not only qestion of their general health but also matter of ethics and fair-play.







22. may 2014

The third CME at Medical faculty


Institut za farmakologiju, kliničku farmakologiju i toksikologiju
Institute of Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology
Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade

The idea that Dr. Marija Andjelkovic and Dr. Nenad Dikic during specialization of clinical pharmacology give lecture which indicates the importance of interaction of physical activity, sport, doping and certain medical fields has proved to be more than successful. Thus, on the Clinic of Gastroenterology they have stressed the importance of physical activity for the diseases of gastrointestinal tract, while at the anesthesia they have attempted to look at all the effects of drugs and supplements that athletes take on anesthesia. Thanks Doc. Dr. Ivan Palibrk psychoactive substances are being presented and their impact on anesthesia and human life. In addition to the Doc. Palbrk we would like to thank to Doc. Dr. Aleksandra Milutinovic Sokic, Prof. Dr. Srdjan Djuranovic and Prof. Dr. Vesna Trifunovic Skodric without their help we could not present such an important topic for us and to get to know colleagues with problems concerning doping. Of course not all of this would be possible without support of our mentor Prof . Dr. Radan Stojanovic, who among other things has become a member of the of Therapeutic Use Committee of Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia.


The fourth lecture will be on June 6. at the Department of Psychiatry. We invite all colleagues to come, especially since all the lectures are accredited with 2 points for participants and with 3 for speakers.


Antidoping agency of Serbia with this justified the average of one educational lecture per week, but again idea was ahead of other agencies in the region and Europe with wish to introduce the problem of doping to colleagues by expert and evidence-based lectures.



20th march 2014





Sports medicine association of Serbia proudly presents IOC WORLD CONFERENCE PREVENTION OF INJURY & ILLNESS IN SPORT program, which will be held in april 2014 in Monaco and SMAS will be one of 50 Conference patrons.





4. jul 2013

ECSS paid tribute to Dr Nenad Dikic for seven successful years of membership in the Scientific Committee


Last week 18th Congress of the European College of Sports Medicine (European College of Sport Science-ECSS) in Barcelona has ended with a record 3112 participants from 86 countries and reported 2452 abstracts. ECSS Scientific Committee reviewed 3,000 abstracts of which some were accepted and some rejected on the basis of quality criteria set by the Scientific Committee as standard.


Nenad Dikic has been one of 15 members of the Scientific Committee in the field of physiology and sports medicine for seven years, participated in the evaluation of abstracts before and during the Congress, since 2007. during his two terms


This year, ECSS has decided to restructure its committees and boards and pay tribute to all those who were part of the ECSS and participated in building of the scientific reputation of this prestigious institution. On that occasion, the incumbent President Prof. ECSS. Sigmund Loland presented the award three honorary members of ECSS which is expiring this year - Prof. Hans Hoppeler, Prof. Romain Meeusen and Dr. Nenad Dikic.



Prof. Hans Hoppeler is a former president of ECSS and organizer of the 2008. Congress, Prof. Romain Meeusen was the organizer of last year's congress in Bruges and Dr. Nenad Dikic is still remembered today as the organizer of one of the most successful ECSS congress held in Belgrade in 2005.



In addition to the significant role as presidents of three ECSS Congresses, prof. Meussen, prof. Hoppeler and Dikic, their role in the Executive and Scientific Committee for years where their presence contributed to the quality of the image creation today ECSS has in the world was emphasized.



Nenad Dikic participated in the annual selection of one of the most prestigious awards that young scientists in the field of sport science can get-Young Investigators Award (YIA). Of course, Dr. Dikic tried every year in front of the Sports Medicine Association of Serbia (SMAS) led by as many of your staff with quality studies, so this year SMAS had a record number of nine papers that were presented at the ECSS sessions.



10nd june 2013




Lecture on doping, nutrition and supplementation was held on June 8th, in the premises of the WFC "Mašinac" in Nis, to football players and their coaching staff. Representatives of the Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia and Sports Medicine Association were impressed by the presence of large number of girls in football jerseys who train in conditions where their love of the sport is obviously crucial.



In addition to the well-known issue in the field of doping and nutrition, attendees had the first opportunity to listen to a lecture in the field of sports psychology, held by Dr. spec. Djordje Curcic. Psychiatric problems in sport have interested whole audience, because that is segment of the sports medicine which is of importance to coaches and athletes.



ADAS and SMAS support the promotion of women's sport, which has been successfully implemented this time in partnership with the Football Association of Serbia.




9. march 2013

Coach Ivan Ivancic confirmed the importance of nutrition and supplementation in winning Olympic gold



It is hard to imagine winning the gold medal in the discus throw Sandra Perkovic at the Olympics finished in London 2012. without the proper nutrition and supplementation. Although it has been 30 years since Ivan Ivancic won his medals as a successful athlete, today as a coach he realized that sports nutrition plays an important role in success of athletes.



That is why coach Ivan consulted representatives of the CIS (Center for sports nutrition and supplementation), the SMAS (Sports Medicine Association of Serbia) and ADAS (Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia) with a desire to get advice and suggestions on proper supplementation.





Education about doping and sports nutrition showed the need for continuity among the athletes and coaches as well as among people who usually advise athletes.



22nd march 2013

SMAS in official visit to the Austrian National Institute of Sport

Representatives of Sports Medicine Association of Serbia have visited IMSB, which is responsible for monitoring top athletes from all over Austria. The impressive complex, which includes dozens of sports, Olympic swimming pool, college athletes and medical block was created as a project of the Ministries of Austria who recognized the need for such a multidisciplinary approach.

Professor Hans Holhaus, who has been a director of the institute for two decades, visited Belgrade during the European Handball Championship, and expressed a desire to better acquaint our system of medical monitoring of athletes, as well as overall work of Sports Medicine Association of Serbia. Since he was pleased with the activities of UMSS, and he wanted us to see how his institute functions, so the first of many our visits to IMSB was conducted.

What can make UMSS proud is the fact that the protocol and multidisciplinary approach is common for the two institutions and the basic principles of sports medicine and sports science respected in the same way.













4. march 2013

VII seminar about nutrition and supplementation was held



For the seventh time in row, seminary about nutrition and supplementation was held in the club "Adventure", in the organization of PANSPORT, SMAS (Sports Medicine Association of Serbia), ADAS (Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia) and CIS (Center for sports nutrition and supplementation). The topic was nutrition and supplementation in bodybuilding, and a functional diagnosis in the training process.


More than 30 participants attended the seminar and participate in active debate about what science and sports medicine say about diet and supplementation and what is the real experience of professional bodybuilders. Functional diagnosis is treated as an issue because of the great importance in work of all fitness trainers and general education.







Prezentacije sa ovog i prethodnih seminara


18th february 2013

Published paper of Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia representatives in the prestigious BJSM

Soon all of sports medicine experts will be able to read the work of Dr. Nenad Dikic, president of the Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM). This is a rare opportunity that next international institutions participated in the same project: WADA Foundation Board and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, headed by the former Minister Snezana Samardzic Markovic, FIBA Europe Medical Council headed by its president and professor Heinz Günter , Swansea University, England with a philosopher Michael McNamee and of course- Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia with the author of paper Dr Nenad Dikic and ADAS Secretary Bojan Vajagic.

"Sports Physicians, ethics and anti-doping governance: between staff and negligence" is the title of the work which with quality and originality managed to intrigue experts in the field of sports medicine, who gave this paper the place in the famous BJSM. Dr. Dikic initiative was created after a series of medical errors in FIBA work, for which athletes have been punished, but doctors were "protected" by their ignorance and unawareness. World Anti-Doping Agency has defined unclear what the consequences of medical errors in the doping are and this work could serve the purpose of modeling the new rules that come with a code revision this year.

This is another in a series of activities to which ADAS wishes to draw attention to the necessity of education, not just athletes and coaches, but also the team physician because their mistake can can cost them suspension and career.


9th october 2012

Forth successfully held seminar as an invitation for fifth in October

Cooperation of Pansport, Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia and the Association of Sports Medicine has proven to be successful and recently held the fourth seminar in the series. The topics were about metabolic training and creatine as one of the most popular supplements. Sent messages are related to the success of hi-intensive training as a way of gaining fitness at the highest level, while others "take home messages" emphasized the sovereignty of creatine monohydrate, even in the current era of production of new forms of creatine in combination with other ergogenic agents.

10th july 2012


At the recent congress in Brugge SMAS had five representatives. Dr. Djordje Curcic, Dr. Milica Vukašinović Vesic, Dr. Tamara Antic, Baralić Ivana and Dr. Marija Andjelkovic had their presentations in the form of posters and oral. Five studies conducted in the Sports Medicine Association of Serbia were presented at the 17th European college of sport science. Topics covered in the scope of these papers in the fields of nutrition, supplementation and exercise were current at the Congress, and were perceived by the listeners and present colleagues.

This is another congress of sports medicine and sports science in which SMAS actively participate and share experiences. This kind of education is extremely important for further progress and achievements since it gives a chance to listen live and ask questions to world experts, such as Louise Burk and Asker Jeukendrup.

The next seminar in which SMAS members will take part is the XXXII FIMS World Congress of Sports Medicine which will be held in September in Rome.


10th july 2012


On Saturday 30th June it was held the third seminar organized by Pansport and Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia, in cooperation with the Sports Medicine Association of Serbia. Topics were from the field of training, doping, nutrition and supplementation.

The speakers were:

  • Darko Šarović (athlete and the fastest sprinter of Serbia) - Explosive strength training and increasing
  • Alen Radosevic (personal trainer and competitor in strongman and powerlifting) - Reps, sets and breaks in training
  • Dr. Marija Andjelkovic - Protein intake from food
  • Ivana Baralić (Master of Pharmacy) - Protein intake through supplements

As so far attendence was been satisfactory, with a number of issues and interests of the audience among whom were athletes, coaches, doctors and distributors. We emphasize that this is a unique collaboration of these organizations, which met with good response to the public who see the seminars as an opportunity to ask in one place everything they have not had a chance getting answers from experts from various fields. The lectures will continue in September, which will be notified.

23. may 2012

Representatives of ADAS and SMAS at Congress of team doctors in Skopje

Sports Medicine Association of Serbia has a long-standing good relations with colleagues from Macedonia who work in this area. Professor Zoran Handziski is an active associate of SMAS and contributor on this occasion because he hosted Dr Nenad Dikic and Dr Marija Andjelkovic. They were guests at the annual meeting of the team doctors involved in sports medicine. About 100 colleagues were interested to hear about anti-doping fight in Serbia and the problems they encounter every day in ADAS. Since Macedonia is still on track to develop and activate their anti-doping agency, they all wanted to get as much information related to our experience.

Like many times before, another topic that was discussed was from the field of nutrition and supplementation. Dr Andjelkovic talked about recovery of athletes with usage of supplements and proper nutrition. Insisted on the fact that the recovery is consist from three "R" - rebuild + refuel + rehydrate which were the basis of presentation.

This is a way that ADAS continued education in the region after similar lectures in Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Podgorica ...


22. may 2012

Over 50 participants have already registered at the Fifth SMAS congress

In just 10 days after online application start on the site of the Sports Medicine Association of Serbia, the Fifth congress is including the first 50 participants, among which are some colleagues from abroad. This is a great response and we can say the strongest so far. Theme of the congress that is new and interesting, actual associates, as well as the reputation that Congress enjoyed for ten years, resulted in the large response. Every day at least one participant applies for congress, although more than half a year left until star of seminar. Participants are the "sports officials" from different fields - doctors, coaches, students, pharmacists and other where sport is area of interest.

The abstracts also began to arrive, and we use this opportunity to once again invite all interested to send us the results of their research and studies that will be submitted to the Scientific Committee which this year is in an imposing structure.

The Fifth congress of sports medicine and sports science will certainly be another successful way of learning which SMAS implement for 15 years trough educative congress and large number of published books that can be read free online on the website

8. may 2012

Commitment to doping education

Evidence that education, conducted by the Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia and the Sports medicine association of Serbia, may best be illustrated by the following pictures. Our regular listener - coach Sinisa Tanasković, from the weightlifters Club "Jedinstvo" from Stara Pazova sent us some pictures from past seminars. In gratitude, Sinisa will get the free registration for the 5th Congress of Sports Medicine Association of Serbia. On this occasion we thanks for his cooperation and we hope it will remain so.


27. april 2012

94% of participants in the marathon support the work of the Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia (ADAS) and the Sports Medicine Association of Serbia (UMSS)

After a large number of activities in the week after the matron ADAS can boast of another success. Exactly 94% of the totals of 500 participants of Marathon support the work of the Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia and the Sports Medicine Association of Serbia.

The efforts of the Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia and the Sports Medicine Association of Serbia have clearly influenced the perception of 88% respondents that sports result can be achieved without doping.

Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia and the Sports Medicine Association of Serbia would like to thank everyone who supported them.

26. april 2012

Interactive course on "Sports nutrition and supplementation"

The second course "Sports nutrition and supplementation", this time for our best young volleyball players, was held on 20 April. Thanks to the interactive system, all participants were able to interactively participate, vote and show the understanding of this important field. Lecturers have got interesting results about their knowledge of nutrition, hydration and supplementation. As a conclusion we can say that the volleyball players rated the course as very useful and well organized. They have pointed the additional questions that interest them, and that will be addressed in another course at the end of the year.


9. april 2012

Seminar of sports nutrition and supplementation in the Youth Academy of Football Club Red Star

Within the education project of our best athletes experts of Sports Medicine Association of Serbia (SMAS) and the Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia (ADAS) have appeared in the youth academy of football club Red Star.

The basic idea of the problems of doping and sports nutrition and proper supplementation of the youngest athletes has been confirmed in all previous studies conducted by the SMAS and ADAS, because young athletes have not yet adopted the wrong habits. Youth football schools are ideal for education since players spend a lot of time together, train together, and sometimes have meals together which depends of the level of the organization.

The new interactive approach enabled lecturers to assess knowledge of the audience. Thus, for example only 8% of those present knew how many positive doping cases in Serbia, while only 18% of players responded positively to understand the harmful effects of anabolic steroids. If it is any consolation, 44% of them knew that cannabis remains in the body for up to 3 weeks and that one can recklessly taking a drug to make them applicable for many days thereafter.

Doctors SMAS proved that athletes drink water only when they are thirsty at the European U20 championship in basketball in Sarajevo in 2011. The same fact has been proved by Red Star players which could be the cause of chronical dehydration. Problem of basic knowledge of sports supplementation is perhaps best reflected in the hydration. SMAS action with the Company for the production of dietary supplements Esensa once again received a certificate. Young players had the opportunity to taste new sports drink HydroStar at the end of the course.

Lecturers rated the course as necessary. By this education players have been taught to eat properly and thus help themselves to have energy and good health, but not be doped.

9. april 2012

The first course of practical sports nutrition in the new Educational Center of Sports Medicine Association of Serbia (SMAS)



The first course of practical sports nutrition accredited by the Health Council of Serbia and under the auspices of the Serbian Medical Chamber was held on the 6th April in the new Educational Center of Sports Medicine Association of Serbia.

What the SMAS from the beginning has promoted, it is confirmed in this course. At one point there were 23 doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, fitness trainers and instructors in their work facing the problems of sports nutrition and supplementation. We could highlight guests from the Medical Faculty in Pristina, which although they are not working in good conditions, have significant experience and sports nutrition and supplementation. Interactive presentations with voting helped everyone to understand what is important and what needs attention.

A new product of Esensa, HydroStar sports drink is presented and re-emphasized the importance of respecting the division of supplements into 4 groups and the necessity of taking only supplements with evidence based.

The course is planned for next week will not be held due to the Easter holidays, and all other courses by the end of May are fully booked. All Practical sports nutrition courses are free, as part of a sports scholarship education and sport professionals in charge of their training.



17. july 2011

The 16th Annual Congress of the ECSS


16th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS) was held in Liverpool, with about 2000 registered participants from many countries around the world. Members of the Sports Medicine Association of Serbia (UMSS) as the sole representative of our country, have contributed to the Congress as well as the development of sports science in Serbia with several oral and poster presentations. Ivana Baralic and Dr. Nenad Radivojevic held two oral lectures on the effects of antioxidants on sports performance. Poster presentation were presented by Dr. Marija Andjelkovic, PhD. Brizita Djordjevic, Ivana Baralic, Dusica Djordjevic, Dr. Sinisa Vujic and Dr. Nenad Radivojevic. Dr. Milica Vukasinovic Vesic also participated at the Congress. Member of the ECSS Scientific Committee MD, PhD. Dr. Nenad Dikic took part in running sessions and deciding on the best paper for young investigator award.
The hosts took care that beside the good organization of congresses, carefully planned schedule and selection of speakers, provide to participants an interesting cultural life in the city of Beatles.


11. may 2011

ADAS and SMAS as contributors to the promotion of "Sports Medicine" at Medicinijada 2011

Sportska medicina u pitanjima i odgovorimaMedicinijada 2011 (sport game of medical student) this year was held in Budva, where during major sporting events, all present students had the opportunity to attend the presentation of the book Proffesor Zdeslav Milinkovic. "Sports Medicine" whose author is a professor, is a book that, among other s, is written for students who can in this way be informed about the segment of Medical Sciences where the faculty is often not given due attention. This book is also an ideal textbook for all sports workers who want to learn more about the physiology of sport, doping, general medical aspects of sports injuries, treatment and legal norms in sport. Ministry of Youth and Sports in collaboration with ADAS and SMAS and again with support from UNICEF managed to sell the idea of anti-doping education and a healthy sport. Since doctors that led to Medicinijada love sport they have been very interested in the contents of the book and the whole subject. Aware that some of them in the future are likely to be hired as a team physician, questions for the Professor Milinkovic and dr Marija Andjelkovic were about current issues which they listen for the first time. This is proof that education is necessary among the doctors to whom this topic is the easiest to accept and understand.



17. november 2010

Team doctor course, Teleoptik - Training Center FC Partizan, 16. November 2010.



It is a privilege to educate 15 doctors who would like to be the club doctors and to support athletes in the field. This is 6th course of Sports Medicine Association of Serbia, which consistently meet the educational mission to educate sports physicians in order to reach the level of professionalism which will ensure better health of all participants in sport and physical activity. SMAS has started this project many years ago. A course was successfully conducted among club doctors in football, basketball, martial arts and so on. The course follows the extraordinary publication of FIMS, which was translated by Dr. Sanja Mazic and Nenad Dikic. Team doctor course is recognized by FIMS's.



26. october 2010




On Sunday 10/24/2010 the hotel "Omorika" at Tara has hosted athletes from bodybuilding, body fitness, fitness and aerobics, which had come on several days of preparation, but also serve as a place where they all passed the course "Practical Sports Nutrition". About 30 athletes and activists of federation in the full-day course have been given the unique opportunity to hear the basic concepts of nutrition and supplementation from Dr.Nenad Dikic and Dr. Marija Andjelkovic. Of course, the emphasis was on specifics related to the very body building. Bearing in mind that is often considered that the sport would be unimaginable without supplementation, sometimes identified with the doping, the course has provided athletes a chance to understand what are their errors and misconceptions related to food that should only help them in training.



25. october 2010




Thanks to good cooperation between the Association of Sports Medicine, Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia and the pharmaceutical company Alkaloid on Saturday 10/23/2010 was held an educational seminar with pharmacists from region Uzice. Over 120 pharmacists and pharmaceutical technicians listened to lectures about coenzyme Q10, isoflavones, vitamins and shark oil. On the all day seminar speakers were Dr. Nenad Dikic as a representative of ADAS and UMSS and Dr. Branko Jakovljevic in front of the Institute for Hygiene and Medical Ecology, School of Medicine in Belgrade. Supplementation is always a current issue and constant education in this field is necessary because of daily changes in this field. The same seminar will be held in the future in several towns in Serbia.



4. october 2010

A course of the practical sports nutrition was held on the coaching seminar of Wrestling Federation



Wrestling Federation organized an expert committee on the basis of the work plan for 2010, organized at 1st October at the stadium, "Partizan" about topics on the field of doping, supplementation and expert analysis of performance of national team. On that occasion, the Wrestling Federation hosted members of the Association for Sports Medicine of Serbia and all coaches attending the course held by the book „Practical Sports Nutrition." Lecturers in front of a UMSS were Dr. Vera Blazencic-Mladenovic, Dr. Nenad Dikic and Dr. Marija Andjelkovic. Lecture on practical sports nutrition has highlighted the general principles relating to healthy and proper diet and supplementation, and special nutritional requirements in wrestling. All attendees received a copy of the book and became interested in this subject because this is one of the rare occasions where they could hear useful advice on nutrition and supplementation.



4. october 2010

This year's BLS / AED course was held



Sports Medicine Association of Serbia since 2004 regularly holds courses in the framework of its educational activities. In the spirit of that idea, on 1st October this year in the Sports Center Partizan Teleoptik was completed another course in basic life support and use of automated external defibrillator (BLS and AED Course).Speakers were Dr Nenad Dikic and Dr Sanja Mazic and course attendants were doctors and physical therapists who are active in the field of sports medicine. In addition to theoretical knowledge in the field of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, sudden cardiac death and defibrillation, all participations had the unique opportunity to effectively exercise on the model and thus provide a basic overview of how it looks in reality, which is a goal of BLS / AED course.



15. april 2010

Sport medicine congress in Bled 2011



FIVB World congress of sport medicine and volleyball will be held in Bled, from 13th till 15th January 2011,under sponzorship of World volleyball federation and supported by slovenian president, Mr. Türk.

The leading focus of the conference is gathered towards the practical issues of working with volleyball athletes as a team of health professionals. Over 450 physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, fitness coaches working in volleyball and other participants will discuss how to prevent, diagnose and treat injuries, commonly seen among volleyball and beach volleyball players at all level of participation. In addition, the best and most recent researches, related to health and performance in volleyball, will be presented.



15. february 2010

Fifteen years of work

Sports Medicine Association of Serbia celebrates fifteen years of work during the 2010th. In the jubilee year, all editons of SMAS will be available through the internet site to all SMAS members and membership will be free for all in 2010th.


18. january 2010

Book "Practical Sports Nutrition" issued in Serbia

Publishing initiatives of the Sports association of Serbia has once again successfully conducted into work. The book "Practical Sports Nutrition" of Louise Burke thanks to team work of doctors and experts UMSS is translated in order to contribute development of another field of sports medicine, without athletes can not achieve great results- nutrition and supplementation. This book is the best start of practical work on the diet for many sports team doctors, you and all those who did not know, but wanted to help the athletes in competition, training or during preparation.

The book "Practical sports nutrition" can be purchased at the premises of the Sports association of Serbia, Lazarevacki drum 14, Belgrade from 18th January 2010, with the price of 2.000,00 dinars (rsd). All necessary information can be obtained by phone at +38111/3052031 and +38111/3052047.



12. december 2009

SMAS annual meeting

At the annual meeting held on 12 December 2009th in The Continental Hotel, SMAS work in 2009th was assessed as very positive, primarily due to successful organization of 2nd Congress on dietary supplements and the exclusive release of the book ‘’Practical sports nutrition’’; and the fact that in difficult economic conditions continued successful cooperation with EFSMA, FIMS, ECSS and ACSM. Designed tasks in 2010th are related primarily to the marking 15 years since the founding of SMAS and organization of 4th congress of sports medicine and sports science.





26. january 2009

6th European Sports Medicine Congress


6th European Sports Medicine Congress shall take place in Antaliya, Turkey. The time for the Congress is 14-18 October, 2009.

Detailed information about this congress can be found here.


15. october 2008

Third congress of sport science and sport medicine

Third congress of sport science and sport medicine will take place on Kopaonik in period 4. - 7. December 2008. Main topic of this congress will be Team psysician-missing link. After 1. congress 2003. (126 abstracts) and second one 2005, along with the 10. congress ECSS (111 abstracts) this third congress will help in giving answers to most important questions regarding the role of team psysician in our sport associations from aspect of medicine and doping issue. On this page you can see more details about that.


30. august 2008

Congresses 2008/09

October 1 – 4, 2008. 15. Balkan Congress of Sport Medicine. More info Sports Medicine Association of Serbia has three invited lectures (Dr Sead Malićević, Dr Jelena Suzić, Dr Nenad Dikić) and two oral presentations (Dr Jelena Oblaković Babić i Dr Milica Stefanović). Dr Sanja Mazić is a member of Scientific committee with Dr Nenad Dikić who is as well with Prof. dr Slobodan Živanić member of the Executive Board.

November 18 – 23 2008. 30. World Congress of Sport Medicine. More info Sports Medicine Association has five abstracts (Dr Jelena Suzić, Dr Milica Stefanović, student Milica Sinobad, Dr Jelena Oblaković Babić i Dr Nenad Dikić) and Dr Nenad Dikić is a member of FIMS Council.

Jun 24- 27, 2009. 14. Congress of ECSS. More info Sports Medicine Association of Serbia will present 4 abstracts and Dr Nenad Dikić is a member of the Scientific Committee.

October 14 – 18, 2009. 6 European Congress of Sports Medicine. More info Sports Medicine Association of Serbia will present 4 abstracts and Dr Nenad Dikić is a member of the Scientific Committee.

28. august 2008


Sport medicine association of Serbia has organized several courses with main purpose to upgrade level of expertise knowledge for everyone who are interested no matter if are not active member of UMSS (more details)


5. april 2007

First congress about dietary supplements

Date: 15. - 17. - March 2007.
Location: Sava Center, Belgrade, Serbia
Organizer: Sport medicine association of Serbia, Institute for bromatology of Pharmaceutical faculty in Belgrade.
web page:
email: suplementi@beotel.yu

Dead line for abstracts was November 15.2005.


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