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In 1930

A group of physician started up an organized health control of athletes, and hygienic control of sports facilities in Belgrade, which is considered as the beginning of development of Sports Medicine in Serbia.


In 1936

The first sports outpatient department was opened within the Clinic for internal medicine at the Medical Faculty in Belgrade, under the leadership of Prof. dr Vojislav Arnovljevic.

In 1937

The first Serbian physician (dr Vojin Smodlaka) was sent to specialization of Sports Medicine in Center of Sports Medicine at the Academy of Physical Culture in Berlin.

In 1940

At the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade, the Sports Medicine was introduced as an optional course, led by Prof. dr Vojin Smodlaka.

In 1945

Teaching of Sports Medicine was introduced at the Federal Institute of Sports Culture in Belgrade ( Toady – Faculty of Sport and Physical Culture)

In 1945

Department for Sports Medicine was established within the Medical association of Serbia

In 1952

The institute for Sports Medicine was founded within the Yugoslav Institute for Physical Culture and Sports Medicine in Belgrade

In 1957

First Sport HealthCare Center was established in Belgrade

In 1966

First specialist, Dr Miodrag Petrovic had passed the exam of Sport medicine

In 1970

Department of Sport Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Belgrade

In 1973

Symposia “Sport Heart” was organized in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia

In 1975

Medical Board of World Karate Federation was established with Dr Vladimir Jorga as a Head of Board.

In 1977

Congress of International Federation of Sport Medicine (FIMS), Belgrade, Yugoslavia

In 1981

International Symposia of Sport Medicine "Medical and biological characteristics of karate training" was organized in Belgrade

In 1995

Balkan Congress of Sport Medicine, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

In 1995

The Sports Medicine Association was founded in Belgrade

In 2002 SMAS won candidancy for 10th Congress of European College of Sport Science
In 2003 First Serbian Congress of Sport Science and Sports Medicine
In 2004 FIMS Ambassador Tour
In 2005 10. Congress of European College of Sport Science
In 2005 FIBA Educational Antidoping Symposium
In 2007 First Congress of Food Supplements
In 2008 The third congress of sports medicine and sports science was held in 2008th
In 2009 The second congress of dietary supplements was held in 2009th
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