Sports medicine association of Serbia
"Sport medicine exam methodology
and reccomendations" course

After project Medical exam of athletes-methodology and recommendations which was supported by Ministry of sport the book was also published. This edition has an aim to underline necessity of medical exam of the athletes, gives instructions and also helps physicians in providing enough recommendations especially when it comes to describing all conditions which demand avoiding competitive sport.


Course is intended especially for sport associations, sport clubs, medical offices, ambulatory services for sport examinations, but first of all for team physicians, members of medical commissions in clubs as well as sport medicine doctors.

All participants will be provided with a book Medical exam of the athletes-methodology and recommendations and after the course they will received Diplomas as a certificate of participation in this workshop.

The cost of this course is 5000 dinars.

All applications and further explanation you could ask on Dr. Nenad Dikic e-mail or contact him in person on mobile phone +381 63 335 008.


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