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The idea of Balkan Sport Medicine Association (BSMA) has come up 1969, during 2nd FIMS European Sports Medicine Congress organized in Bucharest, Romania (30th September-3rd October 1969). Turkish delegate Prof. Dr. Necati Akgn (Turkey) has proposed to form a discipline like other medical specialties and recognized by FIMS. He was nominated to study on statute.

Balkan Sport Medicine Association (BSMA) has established 1971. Representatives from Balkan Countries have established a Sports Medicine Association which was affiliated with Balkan Medical Association of Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Turkey and Yugoslavia.

During 1st Balkan Sports Medicine Congress which is organized from 8-14 October 1972 in Athens, Greece the delegates gathered and worked for the first time together as a Balkan Sports Medicine Association.

Today, Balkan Sport Medicine Association is consisted of Sport medicine Associations from Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, FYROM, Romania, Moldova, Serbia and Turkey. BSMA function is strongly promoted through regular Congresses organized every second year.

Unfortunately, due to many sports medicine congresses organized per year, totally different way of modern communication and many historical and regional reasons BSMA Executive Board has decided to freeze activates and make shift focus to Congress of European Federation of Sports Medicine Associations.

Since we have unique collection of all Congress material from 1969 to 2008 it is decided to make it publicly available on Internet site of Sports Medicine Association of Serbia.

We are looking forward to new gatherings with friends from Balkan Association of Sports Medicine.

BSMA Internet site is now located here.

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Balkan Sport Medicine Association
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